Friday, September 30, 2016


"If life is worth living, then it's worth recording"
                                                 -Shay Carl

           One of my biggest inspirations, Shay Carl said the above quote about his daily vloging channel. Some think it is weird to document your life on the internet because it can be dangerous, scandalous, and even boring. Why would someone want to watch anyone else's lives? Well the same reason people watch TV, entertainment. Except YouTube is more intimate. The viewer has more of a connection with the creator through comments, Q & As, conventions, and more. Its not just someone to wish to be, a YouTuber is more of a realistic person. While this is not YouTube and I am most certainly not a famous vlogger, or gamer, or makeup girl, I do want to record my "living". I am nothing more than your average young adult. I am not extraordinary, but I am someone who you can relate too. Whether your 12 and just going into middle school and you need someone not so old or not so young to look up to or even if you are 55 and are reading this blog thinking about how you would handle situations, we all have things in common. We all have hopes and dreams and aspirations that we hope to achieve one day, or maybe you have achieved them and are living your dream. My point is everyone has something they are working towards or have worked towards and this blog will be about me and my boyfriend finding our path in life. Our lives are worth living, so we've decided that they're also worth recording. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Justin's Kick Off

      Hello, I'd like to take this opportunity between me cooking dinner and playing Xbox (yes I play Xbox, not a fan of PlayStation) to tell you a little bit about myself. I am currently 19, I was a large kid and am still pretty fat. But by the end of the month I'll be 20, only getting older. I'm going to get my license in a couple of days, God willing I'll pass the road test. I'm still struggling to get a car and trying to get a second job on top of me being a janitor (it's better than it sounds). Uhm I guess we can talk about my childhood, it wasn't much as I can remember, an angry drunk father for most of it. Constantly worrying if child services is going to whisk me away. Being put in custody of my Pepere and grandma. My grandma who everyone loved is now gone; rest in peace. I live with my Pepere, dad, brother, and sister. My parents are divorced. However I happen to be lucky enough to have a loving beautiful woman in my life. Doing a blog was not my idea but Miranda's. She really wants to do it and I think it can be a good cause to maybe help other people with going through the same struggles we go though, and I hope we can help at least one person in any way, or get help myself, who knows. I look at life believing that everything will get better, if your going through some dark times just try to see the light and know that it'll all get better. But onto a lighter note, I AM A GAMER! Yes! I love games, all varieties, sizes, shapes, and colors, from first generation Pokemon to World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. Games are and will always be a part of my life. Going through high school where I attended a vocational school and studied 3D design and Architecture, I thought I wanted to go to New England institute of technology and major in game design. But as I finally finished senior year (this year actually) I found reason to stay in Massachusetts and not head off to Rhode Island. So as far as a career in games and me, that'll have to wait until I'm ready to start a career and settle down. I believe I'm going to bring this post to an end because I don't want to ramble on too much BUT I will leave it off with a game review (some small spoilers)

MIDDLE EARTH Shadow of Mordor

This game is AMAZING! The combat can be a little difficult but no more so than Assassins Creed, which are almost kind of similar combat wise. I love the ranking system for the opponents you face called the "Uruks" which are like orcs but meaner. Essentially, every time you die, the Uruks who had the opportunity to kill you or killed you, will get stronger and harder to kill and give you more experience if you kill them. The graphics are great, their not the best I've seen but their good enough. The story line is a little confusing but the end game is pretty clear throughout the whole game, even at the beginning you know what your going to end up doing in the end game. The combat does get significantly easier as you get to the end and unlock more abilities. It's good but they could've made the story more prominent and not as much of a hack and slash that it is. However negating that fact, it's a fantastic hack and slash and the only game with such a complex ranking system and intelligent opponents. If they came out with a sequel I would absolutely buy it.