Friday, September 30, 2016


"If life is worth living, then it's worth recording"
                                                 -Shay Carl

           One of my biggest inspirations, Shay Carl said the above quote about his daily vloging channel. Some think it is weird to document your life on the internet because it can be dangerous, scandalous, and even boring. Why would someone want to watch anyone else's lives? Well the same reason people watch TV, entertainment. Except YouTube is more intimate. The viewer has more of a connection with the creator through comments, Q & As, conventions, and more. Its not just someone to wish to be, a YouTuber is more of a realistic person. While this is not YouTube and I am most certainly not a famous vlogger, or gamer, or makeup girl, I do want to record my "living". I am nothing more than your average young adult. I am not extraordinary, but I am someone who you can relate too. Whether your 12 and just going into middle school and you need someone not so old or not so young to look up to or even if you are 55 and are reading this blog thinking about how you would handle situations, we all have things in common. We all have hopes and dreams and aspirations that we hope to achieve one day, or maybe you have achieved them and are living your dream. My point is everyone has something they are working towards or have worked towards and this blog will be about me and my boyfriend finding our path in life. Our lives are worth living, so we've decided that they're also worth recording. 

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